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Partner Program Solution

The BEST Online eLearning Partner Program Ever 

eLearning Partner Program Solution

White Label

The OEM-White label program is an available option that includes the complete branding of the Training Portal and courseware, in your corporate image. This option is recommended for companies that wish to promote their own brand.  Providing a layer of transparency that expands your business offering to new heights.

Standard Label

Offer the etraining courseware to your customers without branding using the Intuitive E-Learning brand.


Service Overview

Our eTraining partner, SecuSolutions has over 20 years of experience working directly in the field of cyber security and developing highly professional up-to-date content obtained by the knowledge and experience gained over those years working with companies of all sizes, from government agencies, large enterprise corporations and small to medium business. Combined we have first hand knowledge of the challenges corporations face when dealing with the weakest link in the cyber security chain – which are their employees and their training.

Each Information Security Education Series, are interactive, self‐paced training programs based on information security and privacy standards. The extensive library of courses are based on open web standards, SCORM compliance and advanced technical concepts. This combination of proven methodology, open standards and advanced technical development provides BEST with the ability to stand alone in its class.

What you receive is the best advice, guidance, and education on real world security problems. All of this is supported by our Intuitively developed LMS (Learning Management System) training portal. Cyber Security is our full time occupation which gives you the assurance of consistent, accurate and timely security information.

Knowledge is Power

A little knowledge goes along way, especially when it comes to security. Hackers are counting on the fact that most people do not have any formal training in security. In fact they are banking on it….literally speaking. Offering training to staff members will help them to avoid many of the common mistakes that are usually very costly. Here are two examples below of how a little knowledge about security can be an effective deterrent against an attack.