iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM® – Internal Control Recovery From The Ransom Attack Malware!

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The Metaphor:  iSR String®

Historically the ”SAFE ROOM” has been associated with survival in times of great peril.  A trusted place inside your usual shelter to retreat to when your first and second lines of defense have been compromised and your life and limb are in great danger.  In the Cyber World, an effective (meaning that it works in real life, not just in theory) “SAFE ROOM” requires careful planning and a clear understanding of what the threat or threats are that one is trying to survive.  If you leave the selection of safeguards to chance or luck, the true effect of a “SAFE ROOM” is limited to just that, “luck”.  Great companies realize an affective and efficient backup of their information systems are critical.  The backup must be managed and immediately available for a clean recovery 24/7.  Yet, by necessity it must be affordable.  Case study after case study reveal unquestionably that this is the only way to recover from the Ransomware Attack.  You must be prepared in your own club’s off-site safe room (iSR).

So what is and is not a Safe Room?  At the core of the iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM® is a tried and proven managed cloud service powered by BEST, Inc’s strategic partner, Pulse Technical Solutions, a managed service provider.  The iSR features a 24/7 telephone and on-line help desk.  It monitors the successful backup and recovery assuring a success.

BEST, Inc’s iSR String®, powered by Pulse Technology Solutions offers the only Cloud Storage and Sync … You’ll Ever Need!

Securely share and backup your company’s data with Pulse Technology Solutions’s cloud interface.

If you are looking to add a dynamic and affordable IT backup and file sharing solution to your offering consider the benefits of adding the iSR String (iSR) cloud backup solution. These include:

  • Affordable monthly rate.
  • Flexible storage so you pay for only what you need.
  • Pass off the cost of managing and maintaining computing infrastructure.
  • Real-time mobile access to synced files.
  • Complete backup of your files to the cloud.
  • Fast restoration of backed up files, complete with file revisions.
  • Integrated email security.
  • Integrated Exchange archiving.


With the iSR String® in place, your management and staff trained in Cyber Security Awareness and with immediate access to the BEST, Inc’s security experts – YOU will own your own set of keys.

Let the BEST (Black Eagle Security Team) assist you in developing piece of mind that readiness will bring you!

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