Denny Hartsock – Director of Technical Support

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BEST – Director of Technical Support

Denny Hartsock, B.S. B.A. is an experienced information systems software developer, trainer, manager and software integrator.  He has over 20 years experience in the information technology field and is skilled in integration and maintenance of highly sophisticated technologies.  Denny specializes in providing the maintenance and coordination of installed Black Eagle Security Team (BEST) security products.  He also coordinates and/or develops all of the BEST video communications, website designs and updates, graphic marketing/sales materials and all video productions for advertising.

His broad technical background and advanced B.S. Degree in Computer Science (Queens College – New York) serves as the fundemental knowledge necessary to meet the needs of BEST.  Denny also has a B.A. Degree  in Media Informatics and Communications (Northern Kentucky University) focusing on making the BEST’s customer relationships enhanced through interactive media and state-of-the-art communications.

He has trained government and commercial personnel in a variety of technologies, developed sophisticated military and commercial software and has held Governmental and Commercial security clearances including a Secret Clearance with U.S. Military (USAF) and General Electric Aircraft Engines Group and a Confidential Clearance for various companies including: General Electric Aircraft Engines Group, Proctor Gamble, General Motors, Apple Computer and others.  He is highly respected professional in his field and is the technical advisor in all business projects and client support activities.


Contact Information:

Mobile: Naples, Florida  USA +1 239 248 7799
Office: Naples, Florida  USA  +1 239 331 1200