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Dr J Hansen – President and CEO (CLICK to view video message)

Dr. James Hansen previously was the CSO and Senior Vice President of DynTek, Inc. a NASDAQ 100 corporation. He was the National Director of Security Services for DynTek Risk Assessment, Security Team and the Project Leader for the Network Security Vulnerability Assessment (performed for the New York Power Authority following the attacks of 911 on New York City.)

Dr. James Hansen is an internationally recognized leader in the area of network security and technical training. He has conducted security risk assessments for numerous Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, banks and insurance companies. He holds a Certificate Government Financial Manager (CGFM), certified by the United States Association of Government Accountants.

Dr. Hansen has been the feature speaker at numerous national and international security conferences and has assisted in the development of several industry standard network security and management products. He has served on the Governor’s information Technology Advisory Board for the state of Illinois and the Security and Privacy Certification Board at Florida State University and Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Hansen was an Adjunct Professor in the Information Systems Department of the Florida Gulf Coast University College of Business.

In addition, over the years he has been a featured speaker at numerous Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) world conferences dealing with security and control on today’s network environments. As the threats to on-line systems continued to grow, Dr. Hansen gave a key address and a one day workshop to the Certified Public Accounting Association’s World Conference in Las Vegas and conducted weeklong training seminars for Exxon/Mobile Corporation and for Anderson Consulting Group.

Dr. Hansen has many years of first hand experience conducting LAN/WAN security audits in multiple network environments (including the Internet), which accesses the integrity of systems as well as evaluates their security and control capabilities. Over the past decade, Dr. Hansen was the Senior Consultant and Technical Field Auditor for Canaudit. Inc. He has conducted detailed training seminars for Internal Auditors, Security Specialists and IT professionals in South America, Europe, and Canada.  He has been a beta tester for BindView and a reviewer for LAN Magazine. His teaching experience ranges from being a university professor to conducting countless national and international audit training seminars offered by the MIS Training Institute with a focus on security and designing audit controls for the field of personal computer-based networks.

First and foremost, Dr. Hansen is an experienced field auditor with sound insight into both the technology and management of networks. His first hand experience and unparalleled credentials in this field always motivates other auditors and IT personnels to put today’s technology to work for effective controls in tomorrow’s networked information systems.

Background of Dr. J. Hansen

In the early days of microcomputers, Dr. J Hansen, (PhD, MBA, BS)  was a teaching professor and administrator in the MBA program for the School of Business at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois.  At that time, he was chosen to be a Fellow on the Illinois State Board (created by the then Governor Edgar) to implement microcomputers in government administration state wide.  He was also, the owner and co-managing partner of a company that owned and operated a retail store chain (Computer Corner – 4 stores) that serviced the east side (Illinois side) of Mississippi River in the St. Louis, Missouri region.  Computer Corner had the first retail contract with IBM in the region for IBM’s microcomputer and network products, services, and support.

Shell Oil has one of its largest plants in Woodriver, Illinois…(at the head of the oil pipeline from the  Gulf of Mexico) located some ten miles from Computer Corner’s main office (Edwardsville, Illinois).  Computer Corner obtained and managed a plant wide contract with Shell Oil for the implementation of all IBM microcomputer products and services.  This was a successful business relationship that lasted for several years and gave Dr. J. Hansen a solid background in the Oil and Gas industry.

More recently, having developed a national  reputation for teaching Security and Privacy issues surrounding the microcomputer/network industry, Dr. J Hansen, was retained by Exon/Mobile to come to Houston and deliver a one week long seminar on securing and auditing microcomputers and networks for an Oil and Gas company implementation.   Exon/Mobile handpicked 30 of their brightest young computer/technology educated employees for Dr. Hansen to train and send back to their units (worldwide) to assist in developing a security/privacy program (including policy development) in their respective microcomputer/network systems.  The program was reported to be a major success in achieving all of its objectives.

Throughout his career, Dr. J. Hansen has developed the skill set required to communicate and “work with” top executives in both industry and government.   With over twenty years of consulting experience and a well-recognized expertise in public speaking, Dr. J Hansen has always managed to motivate executives to recognize, understand, and implement new ideas and technologies.


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