Fadi Nasr – Senior Vice President

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Details of Certifications, Qualifications & Security Clearances

Fadi is president of CRISP Technologies Inc. www.crisptech.com, which is a dynamic company providing products and services in the areas of  Management Consulting, Business Continuity, Business Application Development,  Security, Training and Audit. CRISP Technologies is active in the US, Canadian, European and Middle East markets with primarily international Oil & Gas clients.

Fadi specialize in:

                • Operational Risk Management
                • Business Continuity Planning
                • Business Methods Optimization
                • Contract Negotiations
                • Merger Coordination
                • System Integration and Data Classification

Fadi holds a variety of designations and certifications, including:

                • Advanced Management In Information Technology
                • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Economics
                • Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) – Certified Computing Professional (CCP)
                • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)   –  Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
                • Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.)

Fadi has over 30 years experience in Systems & Financial Management with emphasis on streamlining business processes and introducing efficiencies and cost controls.  Prior to establishing CRISP Technologies, Fadi worked at Dome Petroleum and Amoco Canada where he held various positions including management of financial systems; Merger planning & coordination, system integration, management of information systems security; Managing EDP and operational auditing; and supervision of business methods.

Fadi instructed professional courses in management, audit, and systems security.  These courses were conducted in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.  He is the author of several seminars such as Auditing Imaging Technology, Securing Technology in the real world, and Business Continuity Planning.  Fadi is a regular speaker at auditing and systems conferences, including the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).  Fadi was a founding Director of the Calgary Chapter of ISACA and a Mentor at the Faculty of Management of the University of Monaco. Fadi is Fluent in English, French and Arabic and carry three citizenships: Canadian, French & Lebanese.

Fadi Nasr and Dr. J. Hansen, who is also a Board Member and Vice Chairman of CRISP Technologies since 1998, have teamed together on many projects to identify and analyze clients’ needs and provide them with appropriate products and services. They were the key designers and oversaw the development of the CRISP Business Continuity & Resumption Planning methodology with an Interactive Workflow. The Workflow automates the steps associated with the analysis, design, implementation and execution of recovery plans. This  CRISP Interactive Workflow is a state of the art tool that can be adapted to cover any other Task oriented process. This opens an interesting opportunity to work with clients for using this flexible and innovative tool to automate the various steps and phases in their mission critical processes.


Contact Information:

Phone: Calgary, Alberta   CANADA +1 403 668 0426
Phone: Toronto, Ontario  CANADA +1 647 477 2313
Phone: Naples, Florida  USA  +1 239 331 1200
Phone: NICE, FRANCE +33 4 9340 2676 / +33 6 2345 7184
eMail: fadi@blackeaglesecurityteam.com and fadi@crisptech.com
Info: http://www.BestSecurity.info