iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM® – Yesterday – Today and All of Your Tomorrows Going Forward!

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The Metaphor:  iSR Logo of Eagle®

The SAFE ROOM has been associated with survival in times of great peril.  A trusted  place inside your usual shelter to return to when your first and second lines of defense have been compromised and your life and limb are at great danger.

Prior to the Internet and online banking, our assets were mostly physical.  Locked doors, windows, guards, and even trip alarms to signal an intrusion and call in the guards and police to save the day and protect our cash.  We had drop bags, armored vehicles or physically would transfer money to the bank.  This all was referred to as “Security”.


Assets represent the same value and the form shifts from physical to digital.  We still lock the doors and windows.  We oversee our “Security” with motion detectors, sound sensors,  and digital and video monitoring services used to get “Security” in place and its much faster and less invasive.

Today’s Major Changes:

NO CASH in play!  The Credit Card Industry and the Merchant Services systems (in most cases) take the CASH play out of the game.  And now the Smart Phone, Smart Watch …and who knows what’s next?  Small Business or Personal Professional Services is held together by the Network and the Internet.

Today’s Vulnerabilities:

The telephone, small network, and Internet bring into play 24 x 7 vulnerabilities throughout the world, it is obvious that the “Intelligent Safe Room” is essential.  Servers, telephones, Internet connections require protection.  You and your staff trained today in implementing the countermeasures in order to establish an Intelligent Save Room is vital. 

The BEST solution:

The iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM, powered by SecuScan and SecuSolutions, Inc. technology  introduces this with each …
MUSTARD Research, Ltd, Merchant Services offering and the  SecuSolutions Online Training offering
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We scan your Internet connection(s) for vulnerabilities and we train you and your staff in Cyber Security Awareness.  

Alternate approach:

Ignore your vulnerabilities and leave your digital information systems out in the open.  Take a chance on the extremely expensive RANSOM possibility.  They force you to pay to get back your business.  This is unacceptable, Right?

Good business sense is engagement.  The iNTELiGENT SAFE ROOM wraps around your Merchant Services.  

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