Jim Kootnekoff – Senior Advisor & On-line Training

Jim Kootnekoff

Since 2007, Mr. Kootnekoff has been the President CEO and Founder of SecuSolutions Ltd. SecuSolutions has been providing specialty security products and services to companies in both North America and in South East Asia.

Mr. Kootnekoff has worked in the IT security industry for the past 16 years. During that time, he has worked as an independent contractor in North America, and as the founder and CEO of a top tier security-consulting firm based in Tokyo, Japan. Over a span of 6 years, Mr. Kootnekoff led the business development and marketing of several ground breaking products and services in the Japanese security industry and grew his company to nearly $7 million (US) a year in gross revenues.

He was instrumental in negotiating a software bundle reseller partnership with IBM Japan which was the first of its kind in IBM Japan’s history. Mr. Kootnekoff additionally provides high level security consulting, products and security education to some of the largest corporations in Japan including Nintendo Japan, Shimano, Mizuno Sports, Tokyo Beauty Center, Allianz Insurance Japan, Canon IT, NTT PC Communications, Jal Card and FujiZerox to name just a few. SecuSolutions Ltd has been providing security services for LG (the Korean Electronics Manufacturer) for the past 5 years.

What you should know about BEST’s technologies:

  • The SecuScan software technology is a proven solution and fundamental part of the BEST iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM™ providing the ability to search out vulnerabilities in your organization related to default passwords, routers, switches, DNS server vulnerabilities, outdated operating systems or firmware, to name just a few. Once these vulnerabilities are discovered it will provide a comprehensive solution in correcting them.
  • The SecuSolutions’ eLearning Solution provides self-paced training modules in Security for the iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM™ client to gain a clear understanding of the risks companies take in this ever-changing environment while fulfilling an important government training mandate of all companies monitored by regulation compliance.

Over the past 16 years Mr. Kootnekoff, has given countless speeches on the topic of security throughout South East Asia at both private and public venues. He has spoken on various topics of security such as Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime, Spyware, Malware, Phishing, Security Awareness, Risk Management and best security practices in the Japanese marketplace as well as a host of other security topics.  He has worked with Symantec Japan and other Japanese based security companies to help spread awareness of security issues that face private and public companies in Japan and around the world.


Senior Security Advisor and On-line Training for BEST, Inc.
President of SecuSolutions, Inc.

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