OCIE – Online Computer Information Exchange

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“Also available in theiSR String® our third strategic partner, OCIE,  provides a automated work-flow system designed to streamline the flow of information in private clubs of all types, including Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Retirement facilities, etc.”

OCIE is a set of enterprise-caliber tools for information management and records management, integrated reporting, LPS MSP reporting alternative, legacy system conversion, document archival and retrieval, data mining, extraction and transformation. OCIE is a scalable solution used for capturing, indexing, retention, retrieval, delivery and future processing of both structured and unstructured information assets. The OCIE process promotes efficiency and economy while providing for necessary survivability and redundancy.

“OCIE information management solutions establishes a clear audit trail for regulatory compliance satisfaction” “OCIE empowers the user community with the ability to create their own reports freeing up your overburdened IT department to focus on priority business needs.”

As a result, users have unprecedented power to utilize their information for operational improvements, new reports, better workflow performance and cross-application information consolidation. The organization will then enjoy operational cost savings, increased business profitability, increased employee productivity, automated business processes, dramatic efficiencies and peak effectiveness.

“OCIE Legacy Systems Conversion Support helps businesses with disparate resources keep going during the transition period”

“Private Clubs use OCIE for an affordable automation of their information – thus maximizing the use of their computers and leading them to the paperless office.  With OCIE you have powerful data extraction tools and easy to use reporting tools.”

As part of the iSR String® –  OCIE technology is used to:

  • Increase Your Clubs Profitability

  • Solve Processing Issues

  • Increase Employee Productivity

  • Improve Workflow Performance

Learn more about theiSR String® and the OCIE content management solutions for Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Retirement facilities, private living facilities, dining clubs, tennis clubs, health clubs, etc.

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