Offering – (C4) Country Club Cyber Countermeasures

Black Eagle Security Team offers the following services:

  1. Daily network scans to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities identified within your networks and web applications. Providing daily reports to identify the issues, explain the risk associated, and provide a simple solution to the problem. No guess work required.

  2.  On-line training and preparing your MANAGEMENT AND STAFF to recognize what a cyber attack looks like and what should they do; “WHO SHOULD THEY CALL?”.

  3. Direct access to senior experts skilled in: Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity,  Information Management and Cyber Security Training  to work with your current staff and/or IT service to mitigate your risk(s) by addressing the vulnerabilities revealed in the daily C4 scans.

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Extended Services available following the C4 Implementation

  1. Designing and implementing of your own iNTELLiGENT SAFE ROOM™ and giving your company a blue print of the mission critical processes and information needed to keep the lights on in a disaster situation.
  2. A detailed security and risk assessment review including gap analysis and recommendations for enhancing your controls and ensuring your business continuity.


Neil Holzman – Vice President, New Business Development
Phone: USA  +1 302 249 9665