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Press Release – SecuSolutions


Black Eagle Security Team Inc. (BEST)
Neil Holzman
+1 302 249-9665

RELEASE DATE: 2021/1/12



[Dateline: Naples, Florida, April 2021] BEST Client engagements have commenced utilizing the SecuSolutions e-learning and phishing simulation platformsDesigned for small and mid-market organizations, SecuSolutions web-based Information Security Education Series are interactive, self‐paced training programs based on information security and privacy standards. The library of courses is based on open web standards, SCORM¹ compliance, and advanced technical concepts. This combination of proven methodology, open standards, and advanced technology development allows the SecuSolutions training system to stand alone in its class.

BEST CEO and founder Dr. James Hansen said: “We are thrilled to enhance our five-year partnership with SecuSolutions as their inaugural channel partner in the US market. We are excited to have SecuSolutions twenty years of training product experience as a resource for our client base. Now companies can greatly reduce their risk for a disastrous ransomware event and other bad security breach threats by deploying low-cost training across every staff level.”

All SecuSolutions training is made available with the support of a powerful cloud-based LMS eLearning Platform -for maximum accessibility. This allows you to deploy training campaigns, manage and monitor learner progress, Grades, Competencies, Activity Completion, Course Completion, Badges, Course Reports, Analytics, and more.

SecuSolutions “Cyber Security” and “Information Security Curriculum” include topics ranging from Security Compliance Standards to Cyber Forensics and every topic in between. No matter what position in the company you hold, from the CEO to the casual contract employee, we have course content that will benefit you, and if not, we offer customized course creation. 

Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Course Content – From the front-end receptionist to the data center and all areas in between courses covering basic security training to complex secure coding practices. Ransomware, Phishing, Identity Theft, Social Engineering, Security Controls, Secure Coding Practices, HIPPA, NERC, CIP, GDPR compliance standards are just a few of the hundred’s topics we cover. 

BEST is also an authorized provider of SecuPhish, a unique cloud-based Phishing simulator. The SecuSolutions Phishing platform is designed to help measure how effective the awareness training is throughout the enterprise and establishes an internal mitigation process when phishing attempts are identified.

About:  Black Eagle Security Team Inc. (BEST) is a seasoned provider of cybersecurity assessment (scanning) tools, e-learning program products, security audits, and the iNTELLiGENT Safe Room®. We are an Authorized Reseller of SecuSolutions USA products. Our international team of cybersecurity and risk assessment professionals brings decades of experience to support your enterprise cybersecurity challenges and security consultation needs. 

SCORM¹: Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology. It defines communications between client-side content and a host system, commonly supported by a learning management system.

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