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Our Mission is Simple – To protect your business (and personal life) from cybercriminals and optimize the lifeblood, payment processes that keep you in business or guide you in ensuring your personal financial processing choices are less vulnerable through your education. 


Could Your Business, Practice, or School District 
Afford a Ransomware ATTACK!

Every time a business is open today – it’s a gift. Hackers lurk in shadows waiting to bring it all down. We hear about it, but no one talks about it. Why would they!


Cyber Security Today?
Not a Question of If, but a Question of When!

Using today’s ransomware hackers can gain access to personal family information is gold to a hacker. Once they’re in, they can watch and change your daily lives in ways to make you think you are still in control, but the big prize for them, is your “Bank Accounts.” From there, they come and go moving money like it’s the stock exchange! Their small investment of “time” strips your accounts of your years of hard labor savings in seconds.

Gaining access to your company’s staff calendars, access codes, and passwords can be enough to shut any company down. Then demand more money than your organization can afford to restore access to your customer files driving you to hide the embarrassment from your customer’s disgust of loss of their privacy. All because you don’t want to believe it will happen to you. You are not alone!

What we do!

  1. We educate your core management and staff on today’s cyber-attack risks by engaging on-line modules that are completed in small increments within an annual schedule.
  2. We deploy an award-winning Phishing Attack simulation to verify the effectiveness of our training regimen. Every one of your staff who is subscribed to our training will experience both the knowledge modules and then a real-world attack simulation experience to certify their education offering proficiency.
  3. We will detect any vulnerabilities within your business infrastructure with external IP scans on a regularly scheduled basis.
  4. We will provide you with instructions on remediating any vulnerabilities found within the infrastructure and the environment, including your personnel, medical records, systems, and networks.
  5. We will provide top Internationally known Cybersecurity and risk assessment professionals- each with decades of experience all at your fingertips to keep you in business.