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When it comes to security, humans are still the weakest link. Yet despite this fact, many corporations do not have a program in place that addresses this issue. Employees are expected to use caution, but provided with no guidance or direction on what to be cautious about. Hackers use social engineering techniques, phishing attacks and ransomware to prey on those that are unable to identify the warnings of such attacks. The results can be catastrophic.


Over the past 20 years, SecuSolutions has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of cyber security training. We have worked closely with educators and our own subject matter experts to create a suite of online web based training that is backed by a powerful learning management system used that is used to measure results. The courses we offer cover a range of topics including, Phishing, Identity Theft, Social Engineering, Ransomware, and Security Compliance Standards.

Your Opportunity

As with our SaaS, Vulnerability Management system, our cloud based elearning also offers white labeling. Partners can brand our training and sell to their customers using a cloud based management console dedicated specifically for our partners. Knowledge is Power. Security Knowledge is Protection. Allow us to explain more about our partner program.