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Phishing Simulation

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The Phishing is great over here!

Introducing SecuPhish our Cloud Based Phishing simulator. SecuSolutions Phishing platform has been developed by our team of cyber security professionals with over 50 years of combined knowledge in security consulting, product development, enterprise security and support. We have worked with all levels of employees, from top management executives to outside support staff. The knowledge we have garnered has given us valuable insight into the development of SecuPhish.

Our aim in developing SecuPhish was to break the mold of the typical “off the shelf” services that have limited customization options, or no White Label Offerings. We have accomplished just that. SecuPhish offers truly unique template customization options, white labeling and support options that no other company currently offers.

Our customers are not forced to choose recycled templates that have been used by hundreds or thousands of companies. We can work with our customers to create unique one of a kind templates that are believable and effective at hooking their intended audience. Our customers are not left to themselves to “figure things out” on their own. We offer a full support option, from Phishing Simulation Strategy Sessions, to full reviews of Phishing simulation results. We do not ask our customers to build our brand, we offer to help build theirs through our optional white label brand offering.

Feature Benefits Include:

A “Purpose-built” console that can be quickly deployed, (easily managed and monetized) to bring Maximum Monthly Recurring Revenues and Profitability.

Simplified user interface for maximum usability by all persons that may be responsible for user account management. Track results, pull reports and deploy campaigns all from the beautifully designed user dashboard.

Results of reporting of phishing emails can be tracked to help measure how effective the awareness training is. Part of the overall awareness is to educate users on how to notify IT when phishing attempts are identified.

Campaigns and templates can be customized so different phishing emails are sent across the business area

SecuPhish supports scheduling campaigns, making it easy to plan campaigns in advance

Cloud-based platform for maximum accessibility. Allows you to assign multiple account managers and users, regardless of their location.

Be operational on day one, no hardware or software set up required.

Simplified user interface for maximum usability by all staff, helping to streamline resource allocation.

Optional Customized Phishing Template Development, use our expertise and let us build you a customized template that is unique to your Phishing Campaign and not an “off the shelf” template.

Optional Phishing Campaign Strategy Sessions, the difference between an effective campaign and a poorly executed one is the amount of careful planning that goes into it. SecuSolutions knows what the elements of a successful Phishing simulation are. Trust us to show you how to get the results you want.

Optional Phishing Campaign Results Reviews How do you measure the success of a Phishing campaign? Are more clicks on a phishing link better or worse? Why are some links being clicked and others ignored? The results from a Phishing campaign can be telling, let us help you to understand the data so you can plan for an effective Phishing Simulation.

Optional White Labeling, is available for brand building value, separating you from the competition.